The Price field will not accept my price.

When creating an ad and typing the item price into the Price field, do not use a comma thousands separator. …
Posted 2 years ago

The NEXT button doesn't function when posting an ad.

The number 1 reason for almost any problem in Classifieds is caused by third-party Ad-Blockers. Please turn off all Ad-Blockers…
Posted 4 years ago

If I post my ad on the site does it also get printed in the magazine?

Yes, all ads posted in Classifieds on the site are automatically sent to Rolling magazine.
Posted 6 years ago

I want to post photos of my for sale 1990 Volvo 740. What max size can the classifieds handle. First try would not let me post, file to large.

Size requirements are a maximum 640KB file size and 800 pixels max per side. Which means you could use an…
Posted 6 years ago
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