Membership Card

I just joined. Is there a way to download a membership card?

VCOA Membership cards are not available via download through the web site.   VCOA Membership Cards are printed and mailed…
Posted 3 years ago

Where and how do I get/print my membership card?

Membership cards are printed and mailed from VCOA HQ on a weekly basis. You should receive your membership package within…
Posted 3 years ago

I just registered and I was wondering if VCOA is to mail my membership card and sticker to my house? Do I have to order the card and sticker?

This issue has been addressed and the response can be found under Membership Issues/Membership Card/Where and how do I get…
Posted 3 years ago

Can I still buy a new Volvo without the membership card. I have recently became a member. Waiting on membership card.

You can buy a new Volvo anytime you want.  However, you must have been a VCOA member for a period…
Posted 3 years ago
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