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The National Event Registration process requires that events are input through the Control Panel which is available to Administrators.  To access the Control Panel, select the button under the Administrators menu with the same name.  You will see the following screen; select Events (highlighted) to access the event input form.
Additional functions available here allow you to create new event locations, categories and higher level functions provided you have the proper authorization.

Upon selecting the Events button you will see the Event editing screen as shown below.  Events can be created, edited, deleted, published and unpublished from this screen.  To create a new event select the New button.

articlesSelect the General tab if not already selected and you will begin to enter event data on this form.  Enter the event title followed by the category and location selections.  For any Chapter event, select Chapter Event for both the Category and Location.  For any event not sponsored or sanctioned specifically by VCOA, choose Non-Sponsored for both the Category and Location.  National VCOA events will require a new Location to be created prior to adding a new event in this screen.  That is accessed from the Control Panel by selecting Locations.

The Publish and Time selections can be left at default unless you require them changed.  For single day events, enter the same date in both Start and End Dates and also enter the event Times.

You may enter your email in the Notification area or make one up such as as no email will be sent from this event.  Note: upon saving this event you will receive an error message alerting you to the fact that the email is not valid if you use a fake address.  Ignore the message.

articlesChapter and Non-Sponsored event entries will ignore the next six fields and should enter a date that is After the date of the event in the Registration Open Date.  This will ensure that the system will not try to create a registration record for anyone viewing the event listing. 

National events may require input into the fields ignored by other events.  The Registration Open Date and the Cut-Off Date must also be declared.

For all events: ignore the Prerequisite Categories and Events unless it is specifically required that an registrant has attended a previous event to be eligible to attend the current event.  In most cases this is irrelevant for Club purposes.

In order for the Calendar to link to the Calendar Events Listing article you must choose the above selections for Event Details Article: Selection, Category and Article.  In the second part of this tutorial you will create a listing in the Calendar Events Listing article that is linked here.
  • Select Section: Club Static
  • Select Category: Static Pages
  • Select Article: Calendar Events
Set Show Details Link: to Yes.  That completes the tasks for setting up a new event to display in the Events Calendar.  The next section of this tutorial will guide you through creating a listing in the Calendar Events Listing article that will contain the event details.

Adding an Event to the Calendar Events Listing Article

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