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Giving Level: Over $5,000,000

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation first caught the attention of Volvo when Alexandra “Alex” Scott received an inaugural Volvo for Life award nomination. The award program honors hometown heroes doing extraordinary things in their communities. At nomination time, Alex had raised $45,000 for pediatric cancer-related research. Alex’s determination and unwavering support for pediatric cancer research earned her a Volvo for Life Award at the 2003 ceremony in New York City.

In 2004, Alex set a remarkable goal: call upon the nation to raise $1 million to fight pediatric cancer before the year's end.  Sadly, Alex passed away August 1 at the age of 8, having raised over $700,000, but before she died, Volvo made Alex a promise to help her raise the million dollars. To keep their promise they mobilized thousands of Volvo employees at dealerships nationwide to put their sales skills to the test — to sell lemonade for Alex.  Their efforts were successful, resulting in hundreds of thousands raised to keep their promise.    

Since then, Volvo, a founding sponsor of ALSF, has shown unwavering support for the cause, helping to keep the inspiration and legacy of Alex alive. Volvo created the Alexandra Scott Butterfly Award, a special Volvo for Life Award given to an exceptional child hero. Volvo is a key sponsor of several fundraising initiatives throughout the year, including: Presenting Sponsor of The Lemon Ball and Lemon Run; a sponsor of the Great Chefs Event, L.A. Loves Alex's Lemonade, The Great Chefs Event NYC, The Great Chefs Event Chicago and Alex's "Original" Lemonade Stand events; a partner for Alex's Million Mile; and a supporter of the Dollar for a Follow Twitter campaign. Volvo even donates a car to raffle off for ALSF! In addition, they remain committed to spreading awareness of ALSF through print ads in Money and Time magazines. 

In order to help expand ALSF's great work across the country, Volvo launched the first virtual lemonade stand to support the cause in 2008. Visitors could buy virtual lemonade and 100% of the proceeds went to fund pediatric cancer research.


Volvo Club of America joins VOLVO Cars USA and Volvo Retailers in support of this very critical crusade and you and your chapter may donate directly to the Foundation in the name of VCOA HERE


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VCOA Chapter Websites

vcoa chapter 354x235This is a specially bundled package consisting of the website framework, support documentation and hosting program for officially sanctioned Chapters of the Volvo Club of America.   The VCOA Chapter site was developed to help build brand awareness and enhance communication and integration between local chapters the club's national endeavors.

Flexible WordPress Solution

Based on the very popular WordPress CMS, the Chapter website program is an all-inclusive package intended to make running, maintaining and keeping your chapter website up-to-date and relevant as easy and painless as possible.  Included in the bundled package is the website designed and coordinated with the national VCOA.org site, all required plugins and widgets installed and configured, hosting on state-of-the-art servers and online support documentation.

Designed and developed with the assistance of a sanctioned VCOA Chapter desiring a new website and research into existing chapter sites, as well as competitive association chapter sites, we believe a well-rounded chapter site bundle has evolved.   The VCOA Chapter template can be utilized to promote local chapter and national events, act as a social sounding board and even post new events, blog posts and news articles to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more social sites automatically, eliminating monotonous duplication of effort.

The power of the Chapter theme doesn't stop there; a membership control program is also embedded that allows permissions to be granted or withheld to designated member-only areas of the site, such as the posting of member classified ads.   The membership program also allows for the collection and payment processing of dues, if desired.

For those unfamiliar with WordPress, 24/7 access to a comprehensive online support document is provided directly from the administrative panel.

Further information is available on this program offering and a preview is available for the fully featured demonstration site.

VCOA Chapter Package

vcoa chapter 354x587
This is a customized hosting program for officially sanctioned Chapters of the Volvo Club of America.   The VCOA Chapter site was developed to enhance communication and integration between local chapters the club's national endeavors.
The Chapter website program is an all-inclusive package intended to make running, maintaining and keeping your chapter website up to date and relevant as easy and painless as possible.   Included in the program is the website designed and coordinated with the national VCOA.org site, annual hosting on state-of-the-art servers, template updates if required and more.
A new chapter site will require an initial account setup on the hosting server which entails WordPress and database installation, template installation, installation and configuration additional of modules and program components, server email configuration and administrative account configuration.
A Google Developers account must be created to obtain a Google Map API and a Google reCAPTCHA API key is required as well.  All of this will be completed for a $25.00 setup fee.  All account administrative login credentials and site specifics will be provided to the chapter site administrator.  Please note that hosting for this package is only available on our designated servers.  Licensing for the Chapter theme and templates is a one time fee of $34.
Hosting for a chapter site is only $8.00/month, billable annually at $96.00.  A new chapter will most likely require Domain Name registration and pointing to the host server.  Chapters with an existing website may purchase this package and point their Domain Name to our servers.  An annual registration fee for a Domain Name is typically $15.00 and optional Domain Privacy is typically $10.00 per year.  While not required, Domain Privacy protects the registrant from unauthorized data collection, spamming and host hijacking (highly recommended).  Domain Names may be purchased from any registrar or purchased separately through our domain registration portal.
Provided with this package are the following included services:
  • Configured to maintain WordPress version updates automatically, directly from server
  • Create initial email address account
  • Setup Google Developer account and generate Map and reCAPTCHA keys
  • Theme maintenance and updates as required
  • Monitor server performance and up time
The chapter site administrator will be responsible for maintaining updates to additional modules and programs, as we will not have access to their administrative panels.  Administrators receive automatic email notification when update are available.  As expected, chapters will also be responsible for updating and maintaining site content, calendar events, gallery images, blogs and any other relevant content.
To summarize, the initial cost to license, install, configure servers and site is $155.  Thereafter, annual hosting is $96.
A full featured and fully responsive demonstration site is available to preview.   Feel free to test it on a range of devices from smart-phones to desktop computers.  View the VCOA Chapter website's comprehensive list of features here.


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