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08 Oct 2017
Well, you've probably noticed by now that things look a little different around here. You are a keen observer!

The whole site is new and that includes all of the software that drives this forum. With probably over 10,000 settings and hundreds of back-end programs trying to talk to one another, there are bound to be a few glitches that we haven't discovered yet. So, if you happen to stumble upon anything that just doesn't seem right, give us a shout and we'll try to sort it out.

Thanks for using the VCOA Forum and enjoy the new look!
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TOPIC: Question Profile Editor

Profile Editor 3 years 10 months ago #1001

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This tutorial was created to help familiarize you with the features of the Profile Editor so that you may better utilize its functions and make your forum participation more enjoyable.

In order to use the editor, you must be logged in. Once in, you will notice that the Profile tab has appeared at the top of the forum screen. Click this tab from any page and you can edit your profile or manage your account and posts. You can also start the editor by clicking your User ID on any screen that your User ID appears.

When logged in, you can also review any other forum member's public profile page and initiate a PM (Private Message). A PM is sent through the system to the receiving member's account and a notification will appear in their status panel. Note: the Private Message system is also available to members through the Members/Private Message menu buttons in the main menu bar.

[img 588x806]media/kunena/attachments/63/Attachment-Manager.jpg
Public Profile

This is the main editor screen you are presented with upon entering the editor. It is comprised of three sections; the top status panel, a center personal information panel and the bottom panel that list your posts, subscriptions and other forum information.

The top panel is not user editable and simply displays your personal forum statistics, such as the total number of post made, how many other members have viewed your public profile, any Private Message notifications and other similar information. Clicking the blue highlighted Private Message link will open the PM panel. The blue /cyan link color scheme is used throughout the site for any clickable hyperlink.

The center panel contains information that you can edit by clicking the Edit button above the top panel at the right. Displayed on this panel are your location, gender, birth date and links to any of your favorite social sites. You may also desire to have a "Signature" placed at the bottom of any post you make. Many seasoned forum members like to have an original, witty statement or a favorite famous quote as their signature. Please note that all of this information is strictly optional and you are under no obligation to place any information here if that is your desire.

Finally, the bottom panel is where you can monitor your posts, subscription, favorites, "thank you"s and any attachments you have placed along with you posts.

The Posts and Thank You tabs will display a listing of all posts you have made and any Thank You's you have received or given to others. Both panels are viewable lists only and cannot be edited. The Subscriptions, Favorites and Attachment Manager tabs open lists that can be managed.

For instance, you can unsubscribe from notifications you may be receiving when new posts are made to one of your posts. To unsubscribe, click the checkbox to the right of the post you want to unsubscribe from, choose "Unsubscribe" from the drop-down box and click "Go". The intended item will be removed from your list and you will not receive further notification of new posts. The Favorites list is identical in function.

However, be careful with the Attachment Manager! This panel lists all attachments to your posts. Attachments may be image files, videos, document files, sound files, etc. These files are listed here because they are embedded or attached to a post that you have made. Deleting any of these files will result in the post having a message stating that the file cannot be located, precisely where the file was embedded in the post. If the file is/was an integral part of the post, it will no longer be viewable. Please be considerate of future viewers.

Alright, let's see what is available in the actual editor. Click the Edit button at the top right of the screen.

[img 588x584]media/kunena/attachments/63/UserAccount.jpg
Editor Panel

Again, we have three panels; your avatar, statistics and the editable information panel which has three tabs containing your account information, profile information and personal forum settings.

Under the User Account tab you will notice the same editable fields that are available in the system Profile Editor under the Members/Profile Editor menu buttons. Either of these editors can modify any of these fields. However, when setting your password, there is a secure password generator available under the system profile editor tabs that is not available here. It is generally not considered good practice to change your User Name as this is what other forum posters learn to know you as.

[img 588x659]media/kunena/attachments/63/ProfileInformation.jpg
Image cropped for simplicity

The Profile Information tab contains editable information for your public profile. This is what is visible in the center panel of the previous section. Again, all of this information is strictly optional. Along with this information are field links to any of your favorite social network sites. Simply place your username for your public social network site in the respective field. Doing this will cause the appropriate social network icon on your public profile to be highlighted. The bottom textbox is where you can type in your witty signature statement. Be clever and original!

Lastly, we have the Forum Settings tab. The Preferred Message Ordering selection is where you can control how posts are displayed for your viewing only. You can choose to have the thread posts listed in ascending or descending chronological order. You also have the ability to hide your email and disable your On-Line status indicator; also know as "Turning off the porch light" or "Stalking the Forum". Oooooh.

After you've made any desired changes or additions, press the Save button (or Cancel) and exit the editor. If you added any social site links, signature or other information, you will notice that the corresponding icon is now enabled and any new information is displayed in the center panel.

That wraps up the editor tutorial. Go now, mingle among them and enjoy the Forum!

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