Owner’s Manual Wallet, Sales Brochure, Fuel System Service Manual & Wiring Diagrams. Owner Manual Wallet is New Old Stock, Sales Brochure and Service Manuals are lightly used. Owner’s Manual Wallet includes Owner’s Manual, Maintenance Service Chart, Maintenance Record & Warranty Information Booklets, and Tire Supplements. Sales Brochure (12” x 10”, 20 pages) covers DL & GL models. Fuel System Service Manual Booklet covers (Bosch) Fuel System LH 2.2, 240, 1985-1988. Wiring Diagram Service Manual Booklet includes 1985 specific Wiring Diagrams. All literature is Genuine Volvo. All literature except for Wiring Diagram Booklet are for US & Canadian Market Cars. Asking price excludes shipping. Can be shipped anywhere in the US for an additional $17.05 using a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Medium Box. See pictures. Make an offer!


Name: David Timmer
City: Morristown
State: NJ
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$ 17.00
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