Leaving Thursday for Palo Alto, California to join the Carlsen Volvo extravaganza this weekend. Sure glad I am flying this time as it is HOT across our midwest and western states. Nothing like the 1800's 4-60 AC (4 windows down/60 mph) unit blowing 100 degree heat in your face for 1000 miles or more. It gets harder and harder to put up with that as I get older and older. I love the modern AC that blows 40 degrees no matter how hot it is out there. Sure makes the miles move along at a more comfortable pace. I just had the trip from Hell coming back from Colorado a few weeks ago. Every kind of bad weather one could imagine I drove through. Last week I was in Canada and Vermont....also temperatures hovering around 100 degrees or a bit more. Carlsen Volvo is going to have some terrific displays and some real treats one doesn't get to see every day. Hope some of you will make the effort to be there. Flying to California is going to be a real treat...something I rarely ever get to do.

The Official Irv-O-Meter

Well, he did it!   On September 18, 2013 Irv broke the 3 million mile barrier he set for himself and in the process set yet another Guinness World Record that in all likelihood will never be broken.

Congratulations Irv!

So what happens now?   The Irv-O-Meter has hit the top end of its range. Do we retire it or is Irv going to keep racking up the miles and we need to recalibrate the dial?

Your guess is as good as ours, so we'll let Irv celebrate here for a while until we have a better idea of what will happen.   Stay tuned!

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